Domiciliation and management services


We offer a comprehensive range of services relating to the administration/domiciliation and management of companies. This includes among others the following services:

  • Provision of registered office
  • Day-to-day management, assistance and coordination of each project by a relationship manager dedicated to the client
  • Assistance in dispatching of the prospectuses and financial reports to the intervening parties
  • Provision of independent directors, managers and legal signatories
  • Coordination of the incorporation process for Luxembourg companies
  • Provision of a registered office for the company, creation and maintenance of a dedicated file and register
  • Provision of a dedicated office space and assistance with setting up physical infrastructure, including setting up phone lines, network connections
  • Liaising with a Luxembourg credit institution with respect to the opening of a bank account
  • Registration of the company with the competent authorities
  • Maintenance of all documents, accounting records, prospectuses and annual reports for 10 years
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